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Superior LED Lights for Boating Enthusiasts

LuxOr LED provides energy efficient Marine & RV LED lighting with solid state lamps use as little as one-fifth (1/5) the power of conventional light bulbs.
For avid boaters who enjoy the adventure of cruising and anchoring in peaceful lakes and bays, self-sufficiency is paramount. Extended battery life provides the freedom to explore new pursuits. Leading-edge LED lighting technology from Luxor Marine & RV Products provides that advantage by dramatically reducing your lighting load by as much as 80%, significantly extending battery life between charging cycles.US Exchange

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Slim line LED light strip
Slim Line LED Lighting
Luxor Marine offers a Slim Line LED luminaire ideal for under cabinet or accent valance lighting. These fixtures are an ideal replacement for old fluorescent lighting used in kitchens, bathroom or salons. The fixtures are only 8mm thick and offer either a low profile or adjustable mounting clips as standard. Available with dimmer and extensions to connect multiple strips. For more information...

Exclusive LED Lighting Products

We are dedicated to delivering our superior products at reasonable and affordable costs including the quick disconnect drain plug, exclusive to Luxor Marine & RV Products.
Canadian Pricing We provide factory-direct pricing and do-it-yourself simplicity. Installation is easy – just the same as replacing your existing xenon or halogen lamp with the correct LuxOr LED bulb. Easy to change, less expensive to maintain, far greater energy efficiency – switch to LuxOr LED Light Bulbs and Fixtures today!

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  • Why Choose LuxOr LEDs

    LuxOr LED solid state light bulbs use as little as one fifth (1/5th) the battery power of conventional halogen or zenon light bulbs. LuxOr LEDs generate very little heat compared to existing lighting. Never change a light bulb again. LuxOr LEDs last longer than conventional bulbs up to 40,000 hours. Environmentally friendly – LuxOr LEDs contain NO mercury.
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